StaringattheWall.com has been brought into being because it is of our opinion that we spend so much time in our studios working alone, that there is no reason for us to not accept that internet has allowed for us to be alone together- so why not make a website by working artists for working artists…and whoever else may be interested.

Contributing writers hail from New York City and far far beyond, and it is our mission to essentially grow the circle of artistic comradery beyond a subway ride or a telephone call – to see inside studios, hear about what shows are pumping people up,  and get tips to improve our practice that maybe we wouldn’t have talked about otherwise.  It is essentially a forum to divulge secrets that would otherwise only come out during a game of truth or dare at art sleep-away camp. Let’s think of it that way.

This blog is intended to be a space of open thoughts and opinions, void of malice but of course open to criticality, and even adoration.  All of the things you think of when you are staring at the wall, whether in a gallery, in your own studio, or looking at a wall that just happens to have the best painting you have ever seen hanging on it.

Forever yours,