Winter Survival Tips: Dream Solo

March 9, 2014 |

This winter was really hard. Not only did the weather make me feel like an ostrich, but the bad vibes started trickling into my studio too. My work got slower, I could only make the gestures I wanted at certain moments during the day and there was a fortress of snow to climb over to get there. Horrible. In March, I had my first studio visit in ages. Maybe it was the fact that the weather was starting to hint at Spring, or because of my excellent studio companion, but after that visit, I decided to start imagining my first solo-show. I do not mean that I started to be concerned with other people’s opinion of the work that I was making. I know that’s a no-no. I mean that I decided to just imagine a place outside of my studio for a while, where my pieces could go on a little vacation. There, they could get all clean and dressed up and they could really flaunt all of their best qualities to their fullest potential. And it helped so much, it took me out of myself and into my ideal world, or rather, the ideal world that my pieces would want to live in. Because of this new mindset, the different pieces that I’ve been working on started to come together, loving and needing each other while also standing up for themselves. So maybe a trick to keep the spirits high in the studio is to close your eyes and imagine all your works in

all their glory, somewhere that your skin is warm and your pieces are acting like one big happy family in an environment that is meant for only them.

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